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Hello World

27th Apr, 2014

Hello there! Welcome to my new site.

After realising that having a static page displaying a weird video was not the best site to describe me, I decided to whip up a nice new site that actually serves a purpose. As to what purpose that serves, I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll use this site for, obviously other than displaying information about me, to show you what I'm all about. I'll probably be updating the blog with interesting things I've found, things that matter to me and my opinions. This site was built as a place for me to express myself and as a corner of the web where I can shout about things and make people listen.

The site is running on the recently completed PXLCMS, a project mine, which is a content management system (blog thingy) developed entirely by myself for use on the various projects I make, none of this Wordpress hubbub.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site!