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Three Months

10th Oct, 2016

An awful lot can happen in 3 months...

So much has happened this year so far, I couldn't sum it all up in one blog post. It's been one of those years, with its ups and downs, stresses, relief, happiness and sadness. I feel that I'm constantly learning as I go through life, and that this year just like all the years before it I've become a different person and my view on the world has changed significantly.

So I feel it's time I get back on the keyboard and write some of these things down before I forget them. My aim with this whole thing isn't to have a lot of people reading about me, I don't see myself as important to any randomers, I write these posts mainly for myself, and anyone who may be curious about me, so that I may be able to come back to them in the future and see a snapshot of where my life was at when I was writing them.

At this particular point, I'm at the end of another summer. 10 months since I last published a post summarising 2015, and 2 months away from doing the same for 2016. I've been up to a fair bit, done a lot of new things and met a lot of new people this year.

One of the biggest things I did this year was quit my first job. What made me want to do that after 1 year and 10 months at the place? Well, a number of reasons.. I wanted to better myself, work somewhere where I could do valuable work that meant something to someone and feel valued for it. I wanted to work somewhere that allowed me to use best practice and learn a lot more about how things should and can be done to a much higher standard. I'll always be grateful for the experience I gained working at my previous employer, however there were a lot of things personally that I needed to improve in my life, and what I spent 8 hours a day doing for 5 days a week was one of them.

And so I landed a job working as an in-house junior developer, instead of churning out websites for faceless clients I am working in a team creating one website for the company I work for. I've met a lot of great people and learned a lot about how business works so far. The more people I meet in life, I feel the more I understand how the world works. Everyone has a different story to tell, no two people are the same and everyone can tell you something useful.

In my last job, I wasn't perfect, but the lessons I've learned I will carry with me. I'd like to think my work was completely fine, no problems at all there, I tried my best to produce the best work I could with the resources I was given and the limitations imposed on me. The one problem I had was getting to work on time in the morning. The traffic was an absolute nightmare, and while that's not an excuse, when you're demotivated and depressed, not enjoying the job and not getting enough sleep then that can be an issue. I don't blame anyone else for me being late of course, and it's something I've learnt from and will never let happen again. I'm proud to say that I haven't been late once in the now 5 months at my new job, so lesson learned.

Work wise, things aren't going two bad right now, and 3 months into my new job I was told they were impressed and happy with me, and that I'd passed my probation period.

One thing I learned from the whole moving jobs experience, is that while people can say what they like about you, it doesn't make it true. With power doesn't necessarily come knowledge, and some people can be dismissive and think they know what all the problems are, when really they just pass the blame off to other people instead of looking at themselves. I enjoyed those three months at my new job, moving on from bad experiences in the past, and I'll continue to enjoy the many more months that I'm moving up in the world, whilst others sit back, and frankly, screw anyone who doesn't believe I can succeed.

Enjoy your months, however many you may have..